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BCS Preliminary Syllabus was finally published. You were very interested in BCS Syllabus. When will the BCS syllabus publish? So finally Bangladesh Public Works Commission published by Preliminary Syllabus. So you all have to take preparation for the BCS exam now. BCS such an exam will change human life. Through this syllabus, one can get a good result in the BCS exam. Then you can become a first-class officer in Bangladesh.

So if you want to do well in the exam. According to this syllabus, you have to take preparation. According to this syllabus, you will know all the subjects of the exam very easily. So your BCS Preliminary Syllabus is very important to you.

BCS Preliminary Syllabus

45th BCS And the 44th BCS was the much tougher test. So this time you have to take better preparation. That’s why you must take the preparation according to the BCS Preliminary Syllabus. Then you can give a good test. The BCS exam will be according to the 10th category so you need to be aware of that. You must keep track of which category exam you will take. If you want to know about the preliminary syllabus, you can definitely know online.

All information is available accurately online. So that’s why you must download BCS Syllabus. Then surely you can participate in the exam as a good candidate. So you must follow this syllabus, you will get more important information about Preliminary Syllabus through our website. So below is given more important information about Preliminary Syllabus.

BCS Preliminary Written Syllabus

Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BCS) has released BCS written exam syllabus. The syllabus was published on the BSC website on August 26. The syllabus was last updated on August 23. A significant change has been introduced in the new Preliminary syllabus. So You must follow the BCS Preliminary written exam syllabus. An exam is conducted by the government for government jobs in every country. If you pass that exam, you can join the government’s first-class jobs.

The name of this exam in Bangladesh is BCS Preliminary. The full form of which is Bangladesh Civil Service. The preliminary Written Syllabus is a very important subject for you. So if you can follow this topic. So You can be a good officer. BCS written syllabus will give you good attention.

BCS Preliminary Syllabus PDF

Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Exam is one of the most important and competitive exams in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Public Service Commission organizes this exam. BCS is a preliminary and written exam syllabus published by Bangladesh Public Service Commission. So You can download BCS Syllabus through PDF. Do you know what PDF is?

Current PDF is a medium that will get all your information accurately in a short time. Which is not so easily available through any other means. So you can take Preliminary Syllabus through PDF. So you must download BCS Syllabus. And embrace your bright future. That will help you become a first-class officer. More information about BCS Syllabus is given below in PDF.

BCS WrittenPDF
BCS PreliminaryPDF

BCS Preliminary Syllabus And Marks Distribution

The 45th BCS exam is going to be held recently. Meanwhile, the 45th BCS Exam Circular 2022 has been released on their official website. Many of you want to know detailed information about the 45th BCS Manhattan 2022. So today we have arranged our discussion only on the 45th BCS Schedule 2022. Then 45th BCS Preliminary Exam Syllabus and Mandantan you will find more important information below.

The exam carries 200 marks in a total of 10 subjects.

  1. Bengali language – 35
  2. English – 35
  3. Bangladesh Affairs – 30
  4. International Affairs – 20
  5. Common sense – 15
  6. Computer and Information Technology – 15
  7. Mathematics – 15
  8. Mental skills – 15
  9. Moral values – 10
  10. Geography and Disaster Management – 10

44th & 45th BCS Preliminary Syllabus PDF

The biggest competitive exam in Bangladesh is BCS Bangladesh Civil Service Exam. PSC has released the 45th BCS circular. This 45th BCS exam may be the first or last BCS exam for many people. That is why it is a very precious time of your life. 44th BCS Syllabus was very important. So You can see the BCS Preliminary Syllabus PDF. Which is impossible to get accurately by any other means.

So you must first have your idea about PDF. Currently, you can download the 44th and 45th Preliminary Syllabus online. Downloading the PDF is much easier. So you must download the PDF. Download your BCS 44th and 45th Syllabus. You can surely know more detailed information about PDF.

Hope you got all the information about BCS Preliminary Syllabus 2022. If you like this post then definitely share it with your friends. So that your friends can know about Preliminary Syllabus. Thanks

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