CU Admission Result 2024 – Chittagong University Result

Are you looking for CU Admission Result 2024? Then you are in the right place. CU B Unit Result 2024 PDF is finally published. Everyone wants to study in the B Unit of Chittagong University. So to fulfill your dream you have given the CU B unit exam for admission. So you were eager for the results. Many people are worried about whether they will clear the CU B unit entrance exam. The good news for you is that the result of Unit B has finally been published on the official website of Dhaka University. Many of you will surely be happy to hear the results.

So with the updated result website, you have easily got all the information related to CU B Unit Result 2024 PDF Download. Through this website, you can easily see Chittagong University B Unit Results. Below is detailed information on how to view CU B unit admission test results.

CU Admission Result 2024

As usual, CU has conducted its entrance exam on its premises this year. Pupils from various regions participated in the test. The outcome of an application is crucial for someone who is striving to be admitted. All applicants aim to succeed in the examination and secure admission into CU. However, it is not feasible for officials to provide places for every individual.

During the examination, solely multiple-choice questions were presented and a written assessment was not administered. Pupils had 60 minutes to finish the test. The test began at 11:00 in the morning and concluded at 12:00 noon. There were alternate applicants who applied for the second shift. The next work period began at 3:30 in afternoon and ended at 4:30 in the afternoon. Currently, all of them must check their university acceptance outcome for the unit they applied for.

Once the contenders have completed their admission test, there has ensued a momentary interval during which the scholars have been eagerly awaiting the result. The esteemed institution known as the University of Chittagong has recently administered an assessment test intended for admission into their prestigious A unit program, and this examination was held on the 16th day of May. The results of the candidates have been announced following a period of seven days. The official website is distributing unit-wise segregated PDFs of academic results.

CU B unit result

The merit and waiting list for the Chittagong University B Unit Result of 2024 is release on 05 March 2024. The CU Admission officials announced that they are currently in the process of finalizing the Chittagong University Admission results for 2024. Those in charge will release a list of all the qualified individuals and those on the standby list for each shift. The initial findings for the assessment test for admission into Unit A will be disclosed to the public on Monday, May 22, 2024, at 11:30 am. As aspiring individuals eagerly await the outcomes of their efforts, this declaration elicits eagerness and enthusiasm.

A total of 26,908 students successfully cleared the CU B-Unit admission exam, achieving a pass rate of 45.22 percent. The technology department of the CU Result website and the admission website of CU offers the ability to check the results for all sections through the Internet. Alternatively, anybody can transmit a text message from any cell phone to inquire about their discoveries. These useful options ensure that students can easily obtain their CU scores and monitor their progress in their studies.

Chittagong University Result PDF

A multitude of scholars sought admittance into CU. Currently, they are requesting the outcome of their evaluation. Aspirants are cognizant that their outcome is disseminated on the internet. However, they are unaware of the precise outcome hyperlink required to obtain a result. We are providing the hyperlink to your CU’s admission outcome. Furthermore, we are demonstrating to you the methodology for obtaining outcomes.

Chittagong University, comprising all academic departments, boasts a total seating capacity of 4189. It is essential to successfully complete the examination in order to secure admission into your preferred department. Adequate readiness can assist you in succeeding. It is imperative for you to comprehend that the minimum acceptable score is 40. There exist two approaches to verifying the outcome of admission at Chittagong University.

There was a dispute regarding the timing of the release of the CU outcome. However, ultimately, the Chittagong University administration validated the dissemination of the outcomes by means of a press briefing. The outcome has been made available by the governing body on its social media platform Facebook. In this instance, the outcome is disseminated to all the contenders.

How to Check the Chittagong University B Unit Result

Do you know how to check Chittagong University admission test results online? If you don’t know, you’ve come to the right place. The Update Results website lets you know how to check your CU B unit admission results. So you can check CU B Unit Result online free of cost. So below you can get all information about how to check CU B unit result online. Follow the steps below to check your CU admission test result.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Go to the Login Option or Click the Result Tab
  3. Enter Your Roll Number and Select-Shift
  4. Now, Click the Get Result button
  5. Check your Result from the Dashboard.

CU Result 2024 PDF Download

Do you know how Chittagong University publishes the admission test results? Many people think that the admission test result of the B Unit of CU is publish in PDF. You can know CU B unit admission result only through SMS and online.

  1. Go to the official Chittagong University website or
  2. Click on the “ICT Cell CU Result” (Direct Link: option
  3. On the result page, you will find different sections for various phases and types of results.
  4. For example, if you need the preliminary result, look for the “Preliminary Result” section.
  5. Now, download the result.

It is imperative to consistently verify the authenticated website of Chittagong University to obtain the latest and precise updates on outcome declarations and procurement steps.

CU Result 2024 SMS

Do you know how to check Chittagong University admission test results through SMS? It is very easy to check the CU B unit admission test results through SMS. You will need to pay to check the result through SMS but you will see your result earlier. So below you get detailed information about how to check results through SMS. By following the below steps you can easily check CU B unit admission results through SMS.

  • Go to your mobile Message option
  • Type: CU <space> R <space> Unit Name Code <space> Your admission roll number
  • Example: CU R D 123456
  • Send this message to 9934 number

Five phases of results will be available here. First, we have provided the primary result PDF on this page. The next 1st phase, 2nd phase, 3rd phase, 4th phase, and 5th phase results will be published here.

CU Result 2024 PDF phase-wise

Unit/Sub-UnitPreliminary results1st phase2nd phase3rd phase4th phase5th phase

Chittagong University official website link Through the link, you will get all the information regarding CU admission. Apart from this link, information regarding CU admission is not available through any other link. All examination activities of the B Unit of Chittagong University are conducted through this link. If you type b unit result and search, you will get your result. So I hope you got all information about this link. So you have to visit this link to know all the information about CU admission and know your result.

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