HSC Syllabus 2024 PDF Download All Subjects (Science, Humanities and Commerce)

HSC Syllabus 2024 All Subjects PDF is finally released on the official website. Students who are going to take the HSC exam in 2024, must need the syllabus of their respective subject. A candidate can never score well if he does not study according to the syllabus. We must study according to the syllabus published by our respective education board instead of studying randomly. Otherwise, you will not be able to prepare well for the exam.

So to prepare well for the HSC 2024 exam today we will provide you with a government-published syllabus of each subject through our Update Result website. And by looking at that syllabus you can definitely speed up your studies. So let’s see what sections are there in HSC Syllabus 2024.

HSC Syllabus 2024

HSC Syllabus 2024 is now available on the official website and in this article. A syllabus is an instruction on how far to study to answer each question in a board exam of a subject. The syllabus gives a basic idea of which chapter we will study to answer each question in the exam. So education without a syllabus is definitely incomplete and lacks direction.

Syllabus acts like a leader for that matter just as a leader gives complete instructions or guidance to a group. I think every student should know the syllabus and study that subject. However, you have a separate syllabus for the three sections of Science, Humanities, and Commerce.

HSC Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

If you want to access HSC Syllabus 2024 PDF, you have come to the right place. We are providing the PDF download link for the HSC Exam 2024 complete syllabus of all subjects, which is published on the website by Govt. Apart from our website, we will also guide you on how to download the syllabus pdf for each subject through the official website. By clicking on the links provided by us, you can easily download the complete syllabus in PDF format on your device. Which links cover the syllabus for science, commerce, and humanities department students.

Bangla 1st paperDownload PDF
Bangla 2nd  PaperDownload PDF
English 1st PaperDownload PDF
English 2nd  PaperDownload PDF
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)Download PDF
Islam Shikkha 1st PaperDownload PDF
Islam Shikkha 2nd PaperDownload PDF

HSC Syllabus 2024 Science

Here, you can get a complete syllabus pdf for each subject in the HSC Syllabus 2024 Science section. The syllabus is available for download on a subject-wise basis. We hope all science students can access their respective subject syllabus through this link. Download the Science Subject Syllabus at this opportunity without delay.

Physics 1st PartDownload PDF
Physics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Chemistry 1st PartDownload PDF
Chemistry  2nd PartDownload PDF
Biology  1st PartDownload PDF
Biology 2nd PartDownload PDF
Higher Mathematics 1st PartDownload PDF
Higher Mathematics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Soil Science 1st PartDownload PDF
Soil Science 2nd PartDownload PDF
Statistics 1st PartDownload PDF
Statistics  2nd PartDownload PDF

HSC Syllabus 2024 Humanities

The only place to download HSC Syllabus 2024 Full PDF for Humanities Students on your device effortlessly using the links below. These links offer you access to download the complete syllabus for all subjects including humanities subjects you need. So there is no need to look anywhere else; Download PDF for all your humanities subjects from here.

Logic 1st PartDownload PDF
Logic 2nd PartDownload PDF
Economics 1st PartDownload PDF
Economics 2nd PartDownload PDF
Social Work 1st PartDownload PDF
Social Work 2nd PartDownload PDF
Geography 1st PartDownload PDF
Geography 2nd PartDownload PDF
Islamic History & Culture 1st PartDownload PDF
Islamic History & Culture 2nd PartDownload PDF
Civic & Good Governance 1st PartDownload PDF
Civic & Good Governance 2nd PartDownload PDF
Sociology 1st PaperDownload PDF
Sociology 2nd PaperDownload PDF
History 1st PartDownload PDF
History 2nd PartDownload PDF
Art & Textile 1st PartDownload PDF
Art & Textile 2nd PartDownload PDF
Psychology 1st PartDownload PDF
Psychology 2nd PartDownload PDF
Home Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Home Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Home Science 1st PartDownload PDF
Home Science 2nd PartDownload PDF
Food & Nutrition 1st PartDownload PDF
Food & Nutrition 2nd PartDownload PDF
Art & Craft 1st PartDownload PDF
Art & Craft 2nd PartDownload PDF
Child Development 1st PartDownload PDF
Child Development 2nd PartDownload PDF
Agriculture 1st PartDownload PDF
Agriculture 2nd PartDownload PDF

HSC Syllabus 2024 Commerce

The complete syllabus of all subjects in the commerce department is available in PDF format. So you must enter these links to download them. Here you will definitely get the syllabus 2024 published by the government. So you can check this syllabus now to get good exam results without delay.

Accounting 1st PartDownload PDF
Accounting 2nd PartDownload PDF
Business Organization and Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Business Organization and Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Product Management 1st PartDownload PDF
Product Management 2nd PartDownload PDF
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 1st PartDownload PDF
Finance, Banking, and Insurance 2nd PartDownload PDF

Last Word

Friends, I hope through this article you have learned all the information related to HSC Syllabus 2024. Of course, don’t forget to share this post with your friends so that your friends can easily download the syllabus. For any information regarding syllabus visit the official website. Assalamualaikum

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