Original Pancake House Menu, Locations & Delivery

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I am Amir Hussain, I have been recharging about Original Pancake House for the past few years. Today I will tell you all the good and bad information about Pancake House. I hope you will get all the necessary information through this article. All information related to Pancake House is presented below.

Original Pancake House Menu, Locations & Delivery

What Is Original Pancake House?

Do you know what Original Pancake House is? Original Pancake is a Restaurant across the United States. The first franchises were started in Canada in 1958. Pancake House gained a lot of popularity in European countries. You will get authentic and delicious food in this restaurant. Then Pancake House restaurant is a second and third-generation family business.

Now it has more than 100 branches. Make the food delicious and gain a lot of fame through pancake recipes. Pancake House is famous because they use pure butter, whipping, wheat, etc. in the food to make the food incomparable. Below you will find all the information related to the Pancake House Menu, Locations, and delivery.

The Original Pancake House

The Pancake House is a family business. Its full name is The Original Pancake House. The four founders of this restaurant are Les Highet, Erma Hueneke, Bradford Sigety, and Tim Lee. The restaurant is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Pancake House is popular because it provides delicious food at affordable prices. Because of this, they gained fame in different countries.

Pancake House food is delicious because they are such as 93 score butter, pure 36% whipping cream, fresh grade AA eggs, hard wheat unbleached flour, and our own recipe sourdough starter. So More information about Pancake House is given in the table.

Full Name

The Original Pancake House






Les Highet, Erma Hueneke, Bradford Sigety, Tim Lee


Portland, Oregon



Original Pancake House Menu

Many people don’t know about the Pancake House Menu. For your convenience, all information related to the Original Pancake House Menu has been provided on the All Info Solutions website. They have both popular and special menus.

The number one menu special is the Apple Pancake, a large pancake baked with apples and cinnamon sugar to create a deliciously rich cinnamon sugar glaze.

Then Number two among the special items is the Dutch Baby, an air-filled delight oven baked to golden perfection and served with lemon, whipped butter, and powdered sugar to create a mouth-watering concoction.

Apart from this special food, there is much more delicious food. So You can know those foods through this article. Those menus are presented in the pictures below.

Original Pancake House Menu, Locations & Delivery

Original Pancake House Locations

Many people are unaware of Pancake House Locations. Currently, there are about a hundred Pancake Houses. The branches are in different locations. Then Pancake House’s head office in Portland, Oregon. So you will find the location of the Pancake Houses branches in this article. You can order food from any location.

Then Pancake House has a total of 28 locations in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin. So Pancake House Locations are given below in PDF

Pancake House FAQ

How many are Original pancake houses in the US?

There are more than 100 Pancake House restaurants from coast to coast.

How many locations does Pancake House have?

The Pancake House has 150 locations.

What kind of syrup does The Original Pancake House use?

The Pancake House MAPLE SYRUP Using Syrup.

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