Padma Bridge Paragraph SSC, HSC & All Class

Padma Bridge Paragraph All classes can be found here. The Padma Bridge is currently the talk of Bangladesh. Padma Bridge is the dream bridge of Bangladesh. This Padma Bridge is a matter of pride in Bangladesh which is written in the pages of history. So there is a lot of writing going on about this bridge right now since it is a bridge written in the pages of history. There is a possibility of a paragraph about this bridge.

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The Padma Bridge Paragraph

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The Padma Bridge Paragraph

Padma Bridge Paragraph HSC

Subject to preparation for the HSC exam you are searching by typing Padma Bridge paragraph HSC. Since this paragraph is unavailable in various textbooks, you are searching online. This year’s HSC exam may come with a paragraph on this bridge. There is no end to the people who know about the glorious Padma Bridge for Bangladesh because the Padma Bridge is one of the largest bridges in Bangladesh. It is very important for you to read this paragraph of this year’s HSC preparation. Below you will find detailed information about this paragraph for HSC.

Padma Bridge Paragraph SSC

The Padma Bridge Paragraph is very important for SSC preparation. Most of the people of Bangladesh have thousands of dreams about this bridge. So there is a good chance that your paragraph will come. So you can’t find your SSC paragraph. You can easily know all the information about Padma Bridge through the updated results website.

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Padma Bridge Paragraph 100 Words

Padma Bridge paragraph 100 words for your convenience:

“The Padma Multipurpose Bridge stands as Bangladesh’s longest. This ambitious project is a testament to the nation’s self-reliance, funded without foreign aid. It’s a monumental endeavor, set to become the country’s lengthiest bridge upon completion. Crafted from concrete and steel, the main span extends 6.15 km, boasting a width of 16.10 m. Linking Mawa in Munshiganj to Jajira in Shariatpur, it’s a dual-deck design with road lanes above and a railway below. Envisioned for multi-use, accommodating rail, gas, power, and fiber optics, it’s an infrastructure marvel led by international and local experts, orchestrated by China Major Bridge, a subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited. Despite hurdles, the bridge signifies progress, with 92% accomplished by November 2020, poised for traffic by April 2022, promising vast socio-economic transformations and regional connectivity.”

Padma Bridge Paragraph 150 Words

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