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SSC Exam 2022 Update News | SSC 2022 Exam Date

SSC Exam 2022 updated news from our website You can find all info. SSC Exam 2022 Exam Date Hope you can understand through our post. So those of you who come for SSC exams should prepare well for the exam because your exam is going to be very soon. But Board of Secondary and Higher Education Dhaka this news was reported was published on 28-02-2022. Probable date of Preparatory Examination 19-05-2022 and probable start date of examination 19-06-2022. You need to work hard to get good results. Due to covid 19, the education system of the whole world is lagging behind. So this test will be held in short form.

There is no reason for you to worry about this year’s 2022 exam, your subject and syllabus have been reduced. the exam is given a probable date of July. Test dates may also be changed.  updated news You can get all the below. So you follow our website.

SSC Exam 2022 Update news

Our annual exams end in February. But your test time has been postponed due to corona growth. Covid 19 has caused a lot of damage to your studies. So you will be tested in the middle of the year. To this end, the government has taken steps to eliminate the subject and shorten the syllabus. take your 50 mark test in short form. SSC Exam 2022 Update news Yours will be tested on 19-06-2022.

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SSC 2022 Exam Date

Today’s updated news is that you will take the SSC 2022 exam date in June. notice has been published in this regard. the school-based preparatory test will be taken in may month. Many subjects will not be tested due to Covid-19 and your syllabus has been shortened. registration online from home And you can do you. All the details are given below.


so, The above picture has all the updated news related to the SSC exam so you should read it well.

SSC 2022 exam routine

Notice of SSC routine has been published, Routing summary published. The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will publish your SSC exam routine. Will be notified via our website as soon as it is published. Below you will find a picture that gives you an idea of ​​your routine.Covid-19 stopped teaching in your schools. As all the schools and colleges have been reopened, the probable date of your SSC examination has been published.

Routine Download


The above routine has been given for your convenience.

SSC Routine 2022 PDF Download

SSC routine 2022 will be published. on the website of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education under the direction of Dr. Dipu Moni. As soon as it is published, you will be informed about the routine of SSC examination through this post. The routine will be published on this website( Follow our website to get the routine first.

SSC 2022 Exam Question Pattern

SSC 2022 Exam Question Pattern notice finally published. You will be tested according to this pattern. Question Number will have 4 questions 100 marks and 15 tick marks 30th March. The test will be two hours long. Below is a notice regarding the Kochchen pattern. If you read well from there, you will understand the Kochchen pattern.



SSC Exam Subject List

SSC exam subject list is Religion and Moral Education, Bangladesh, and World Identity, Information and Communication Technology, and Science will not be examined in SSC Exam 2022. So,Subjects that will be tested are Bengali, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Higher Mathematics, Biology, Accounting, Business Enterprise, Finance and Banking, History and World Civilization of Bangladesh, Geography and Environment, Politics and Citizenship, Domestic Science, Agricultural Education.

I hope you have received the updated news of the SSC Exam 2020 through this post. So, Please share the post with your friends and stay with us.